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You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown

Anthony is starring in You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown, based 
on the Peanuts comic strip.  He is playing Charlie Brown, along 
with Roger Bart as Snoopy, Kristin Chenoweth as Sally, Ilana 
Levine as Lucy, Stanley Wayne Mathis as Schroeder, and B.D. Wong 
as Linus.   

It is closing June 13th.

Official Site
Shannon's page w/pics & a review

There was an interesting article in my local newspaper this morning. It was a review of YAGMCB, and it went on a for a few paragraphs complaining how all of the actors, especially Ant, were "too thin." The writer would have preffered dumpy looking actors, like in the comic strip. My question is this: would he have like actors whose heads were the same size as their bodies to better fit the look of the comic?

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