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Ok, so most of us wouldn't even know, much less care if Anthony existed if it wasn't for Jonathon Larson's amazing play, RENT. And now that we do know of Anthony, we can only thank this play for giving him the oppourtunity to show the world his incredible talent!

Anthony has been a cast member of Rent since its 1994 workshop. Here's what he had to say about it:

"The fall of '94 I was really broke and got a job at Starbucks, my first-ever job outside acting since I moved to New York. Soon after that, my agent told me I had an audition for a new rock opera called Rent...They asked me to come back and gave me a song to learn, which was "Rent." I've had a lot of auditions, and oftentimes, even thought they don't offer the part at the audition, it's clear that it's going to work out. I felt good about it, and they seemed to like what I did. I think I found out right away." (From the RENT book)

On January 25, the day of Rent's first preview, Jonathon Larson died of an anuerism. The cast did a reading of the play for Jon's family and friends. This is Anthony had to say about that:

"The end of the "I'll Cover You: Reprise" was when I really, really lost it. Not just the song, but the music was so beautiful, and I felt the loss of the person who wrote that chord." (From the Rent book)

Anthony played the part of Mark when the show moved to Broadway until mid-January, 1998. The show is extrememly demanding; there is only one day off a week. He said:

"I've gone days without talking. I drink a lot of water. I think I've finally figured out a way to sing the show eight times a week, to reel it in without losing intensity. It's a drag sometimes, because you want to be able to let it rip." ( From the Rent book)

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