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What's so great about Norbert? Here's what his fans have to say!

Norbert is just such an amazing man its undescribable. He puts sooo much into Rent in every single show, and really becomes Roger Davis. He makes Roger seem likable, empathetic, while at the same time making him seem like he loves being a miserable person ya know? I first saw Norbert back on April 8th, and fell in love with him immediately! The ways he sings Glory is nothing short of amazing, he puts so much emotion into it and does it with such ease. He got better and better every time I saw it, and his last show was by far the best. He was just amazing....and he'll be missed as being the best Roger Davis ever, but I'm sure whatever he goes onto (after and including Cabaret) will be the best part of the show :-) WE LOVE YOU NORBERT!!!!!!!!!


I can not even begin to talk about all the good things about Norbert Leo Butz... there are too many!!! I'll begin with his performance on the stage. He lit up the Nederlander stage with a beautiful, flawless voice and amazing acting. His chemistry with Marcy and the rest of the cast was perfect, and he never made any big mistakes when I saw him on stage. I saw Norbert as Roger 9 times out of the 15 shows I've seen, and those 9 have been my favorite by far!!! His last show, Dec 6, was the saddest day of Rent for me; I couldn't believe this incredible actor was leaving my favorite show :*( It was the most emotional, sad, energetic, and amazing show I've ever seen. Not only is Norbert amazing on stage, but he is the sweetest person off of the stage too. Norbert always made time for his fans to say hi, take a picture, sign a Playbill, or just talk with the Rent regulars. The Norbert Leo Butz fan club presented him with a scrapbook on his last day, and he personally thanked us afterwards for the time and work we put into it. He has been nothing but nice to all of his fans all the time. I wish him all the best in his future plans, which include touring with the Cabaret touring cast, and I can't wait to see him as the emcee in Cabaret in June!!! Norbert Leo Butz is missed by everyone, but remembered as the most incredible Roger to grace the Nederlander stage.


What's so great about Norbert? Well everything! Besides having an exquisitely fine tuned voice, his acting ability can convince even the most fickle person. He doesn't simply play the role of Roger Davis, he IS Roger Davis! In addition, he is one of the most compassionate and caring guys I have ever met. After the show, he'll stay until everyone has either gotten a picture or an autograph. In the past year I have seen "RENT" twice (seeing it again in March) and it is by far, the most moving and spell binding musical ever created and performed. When Norbert left December 6th, "RENT" lost one of their most valuable assets. In conclusion, I must admit that I consider it an enormous honor to have been able to see it once when Norbert played Roger. Because, simply put, "RENT" will never have another Roger Davis. Norbert, I love are one of my dearest friends..........


Dear Norbert, I don't really know how to say everything I need to say in this simple letter, but here goes: I would start by saying how amazing, how great, and how talented you are...but I know you get that all the time. It's unbelievably true, but it's no news to you. What I want to say is how much of a difference I know you have made for anyone who's ever set foot inside the Nederlander. Every time you performed on that smokey stage, you were making someone laugh, cry, or even just think about what you were trying to get across to the audience. I know that everyone leaving that theater after one of your performances, whether they enjoyed the show or not, thought at some point, "That guy who played Roger was awesome." Even now (keep in mind I am a pretty emotional person), I can't help but cry as I am writing this. I just saw you for the 5th time yesterday. During your "Glory", I turned to my friend Allie and said, "This show is never gonna be the same without him." Norbert, I totally meant that. You practically made the show for me and everyone else I have talked to about it. You are a spectacular actor and singer, and you give your all at every show. I'm not even a theater person, but you're gotten me addicted to Rent. Well, that's not all I have to say. I could go on for hours, but I don't want to bore you. I just want to say thank you for all you've given to the show and to me. Everyone will miss you so much, and you will be forever remembered in New York. When you read this, your last show will be over, but I know it will be not only the best and the saddest, but also the most exciting performance of Rent ever. I also know that Jonathan Larson is looking down, smiling at you, and cheering you on. Thank you so much, Norbert. I love you. "I can't believe this is...good-bye."


Norbert is a great guy. He can sing, he can act, and he can even play the guitar. When they cast him for Roger, they made a great decision. There will be other Rogers, but Norbert Leo Butz will always be remembered as the actor who defined the role. There will never be anyone better! His voice is amazing, of course, but his real talent lies in his enthusiasm and emotion. When he sings Glory, I know he is feeling the anger and fear and determination which Jonathan Larson intended as he wrote the song. His scenes with Marcy (Mimi) are filled with passion and humor, and anyone in the audience can tell that there is real affection between the two. Not only is Norbert a great Broadway actor, he is a truly nice guy. After the shows, he stops to pose for pictures with his fans and sign playbills and Rent books. He appreciates the devotion of his fans. Norbert Leo Butz- a fabulous actor and a kind and decent man. Let's hope he decides to come back to Rent after he does Cabaret!


Norbert is an amazingly talented man, it is unbelievable. From the first moment I saw him on that stage, I fell in love with him! He is so remarkable it is almost unreal. He made the show, Rent, one that I will never forget. I've only seen it once, but I've heard about it from all my friends (including Carla and Allie and Clare) and I have so many pictures of him on my wall. I stare at them and just fall into a daze...he is so incredible. The first and only time I saw Rent was Norbert's last day, and to see everyone crying and handing him roses, almost made me cry! I will definatly miss him as part of the cast in Rent, but you can be sure I am going to see Cabaret because of Norbert Leo Butz! We all love you, Norbert, and we will miss you!


Norbert is my absolute favorite Roger in Rent. I think I saw him 4 or 5 times and he is so much better than any other I ever saw. I guess I'm quite partial to him because I am from Alabama, where he is from. (sort of) I saw him at the Alabama Shakespeare Festival in the Diary of Anne Frank (he played Peter) and was amazing. Not only is he gorgeous, but he has an awesome voice and stage presence. I was most upset when he left. I hope he comes back to Broadway!!


Norbert is a wonderful, talented actor and a singer. I think that the reason I am so addicted to the show is because of him. He is definately the best of the best! I l love him so much. His voice is undescribable, I think I am in love with his voice. I just get the best rush from it. Him and Marcy and him and Jim all work so well together. The chemistry between him and Marcy is just so kick ass! I know that he's gone now, and that sucks so'll never be the same, nobody could ever compare to that. I miss him everyday, but hey....roadtrip to Boston!! that could be a lot of fun!....NORBERT YOU ROCK!!! WE MISS YOU SO MUCH!!


Norbert Leo Butz is an incredible actor as well as singer. His voice is like an angel and his smile lights up the stage. He's very kind (not to mention gorgeous!) I guess what I love about him is his dedication to the stage. One day I would love to be up on that stage doing what I love...what makes my heart sing. Norbert uses his talent on a wonderful show--"Rent". He has helped make "Rent" touch the lives of thousands of teenagers across the country. He's an amazing man and I admire him. No Day Butz Today.


I saw Cabaret for the first time this past weekend and I was blown away by Norbert's performance. It was really my first time in a theater! He captured me with his unbelievable voice and acting ability. My eyes and ears were glued to him whenever he appeared on stage, I'll be completely honest, I think he also has an amazingly sexy body. I anticipate the next time go to see him perform.


Here is my experience of Norbert from his recent appearance in Toronto as the Emcee in Cabaret. My seat was third row in the center aisle, so I was pretty much touching the stage. My chair was the last in the aisle on the right side so I was beside the stairs, that everyone in the musical at some point was sitting or singing right beside me. This is by far the greatest play I have ever seen and Norbert Leo Butz was amazing. THe opening was so spooky where you just see the top of his face through the slit in the door, in a pitch black theatre. Although the mood changes quickly when the lights come on and he begins the opening song. The advantage of sitting so close is that he points to you, and talks directly to you when he is singing. Norbert is always on stage, even if he isn't in the scene, he is always looking on from the side or just sitting somewhere, where the audience can see him. At one point he was sitting on the stairs right beside me, looking direcly at me, winking and blowing kisses. The music was powerful and the cast members all had remarkable singing ability they really kept you wanting more. After the intermission, Norbert comes to the crowd and does a little improv. He stood on stage talking about some beautiful girl that was in the crowd, who was so pretty, and he couldn't stop staring at her the entire performance. He then walks down the stairs and chooses a girl from the audience. And guess who that girl was????? Me!!!!! Yes, I was chosen, he asked me my name, told me I was beautiful and he wished that the entire audience could see. After this he then asked if I would dance with him, so up I went, he took my hand (which was damp with sweat) led me on the stage and we danced together, just me and Norbert in front of the entire Princess of Wales Theater. What a rush. He asked a couple of questions as we danced around the stage. At the end he asked if I was here with anyone, I said no, and then he asked how old I was. After he found out I was only 18, he said that I should go sit back down. It was the best thing I have ever done in my life, and Norbert is so "hot, hot, hot." From this point on the show takes a turn into the true dark, drug infested, Nazi Germany. A compelling lead up to the most shocking and emotioinal end. The play was absolutely marvelous and when Norbert sang "I Don't Care Much," you felt goose bumps all over. I only regret I was never able to see him when he played in Rent. Cabaret is truly a great musical and Norbert is soooo beautiful. After the show I was able to meet all of the cast, I got their signatures, they were very nice. I went back down another day, practically in hurricane weather and pretty much chased after Norbert to get a picture.

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