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First I have to thank Tyler C for his awsome pictures and animated GIFs. His Rent page is really cool- see the link below.

Second, I have to thank Anthony Rapp, without whom this page would not have been possible, for no reason besides that he's the best and nicest actor I have ever met (even if it was only for 2 minutes!)

Unofficial Anthony Rapp Site
Your average loyal fan site. I recommend it!
The Church of Rapp
A great site if you've ever wanted to see Anthony's head on an angel's body.
Labels Really Are for Cans
An amazing site by a devoted Anthony fan.
Adventures in Babysitting
The official Disney site for the movie, with pictures and movies.
100 Things We'll Miss About Anthony
A list from Jimbo's boards about exactly what the title says.
Ya Think?
An excellent official Anthony page. You should definately see this one.
Blockheads Unite
A new page about You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown.
You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown
This is the official page. Has pictures, ticket info, and lots of other stuff.
Diana's RENT-in-London Pages!
A really good general Rent page, with an excellent section about Anthony. It also has links to lots of articles about YAGMCB.
If you want to see the movie and sound parts of Anthony Alley, go here. They were stolen and put on this page. Wasn't that nice? (If I gave permission for this, I apoligize, but I don't remember doing so)
Justin's Rent Page
A general Rent page with a great Anthony section.

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